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Phoenix Entertainment and Development

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My First Book Signing

It was another life goal attained; a milestone that's been reached.  The first book signing for The Phoenix Blade has happened and I am still in a state of awe while tying to find the words to describe such a surreal moment; probably one of the greatest moments in my life.  My family and friends made it incredibly special for me, and I owe each and every one of them a special thank you for not only supporting my dream, but being there for me to celebrate my achievement.

When I first booked the signing with the Book Revue, I was nervous.  I knew it was a shot in the dark and a chance for me to enter the world in which I longed to be a part of.  It was an opportunity to share my work with people that were unfamiliar with my writing and build a bigger audience of readers. 

I counted down the weeks and then days to my book signing; eagerly waiting for that one moment where I could reflect on as another major step in the right direction of my career.  Then I was told I had to make a speech and handle a Q&A session as well.  Instinctively, my brain panicked and tried to build up a wall preventing me from rationally handling the situation.  Thankfully I had several supporters including my future wife, my mother, and my best friends who all gave me the perfect advise.  "Just be you and stop worrying about what you're going to say."  I continued dwelling on it for days, but couldn't think of anything to write down to prepare.  So I did what they suggested; speak from the heart. 

When I entered the building, the nerves disappeared.  I was filled with an energy that I still cannot describe.  But for a fleeting moment, I wasn't the Andrew Hess that used to be shy and quiet.  I was the man I evolved into over the last several years where nothing worried me.  The nervous feelings were replaced by confidence and I was ready to go.  Once my intro was read, my name was called, and the rest was history. 

It took me hours to fall asleep last night.  The air of excitement continued to circulate in my mind.  I wasn't ready for the night to end, but knew it wouldn't be the last time I would feel this way.  This was only the beginning. 

I would like to thank everyone again for coming out to make the night special for me.

In the next month, keep an eye out on here, my fan page or my website for my upcoming Virtual Book Tour with the Virtual Book Tour Cafe, an appearance on the Anthony Charles Podcast, and future events/signings.!/ThePhoenixBlade!/TheRealPhoenix13

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