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Phoenix Entertainment and Development

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pilot TV Shows

I know this may be a trivial matter, but it's something I wanted to discuss.  After watching the pilot episode of "How to Live With Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life," I came to the realization that I cannot stand over advertised pilot episodes.  Maybe it's just me, but lately I've noticed a common trend.  Each time a new show advertises its pilot episode, they show the funniest or best clips from the premiere episode and nothing from any other episode they have aired.  The end result is seeing the complete episode through the commercial before it ever airs. 

Now I know that the pilot episode is meant to be the measuring stick to see if the show gained enough viewers to continue on the season, but most shows get the clearance to shoot additional episodes before it ever airs on TV.  If the show succeeds in the first few episodes, the network will tell them to film more, or that they are to come back for a full season next year.  If they fail, they are cancelled.

Now I'm not saying networks should change the way they advertise or promote new TV shows.  However, I would like to see them leave something to our imagination for the pilot episode.  Give us something that we didn't already see in the commercials for the last few weeks.  I for one will continue to watch this show because I know Brad Garrett and Sarah Chalke are incredibly funny people and believe the show will be a success.  I mean, the first time I saw the promo for their show on TV was hysterical, but seeing it for the fiftieth time dulled the humor behind it. 

The two things that I learned from watching this seasons new shows were this.  1. Networks need to learn how to not give away the entire pilot episode in the commercials leading up to the premiere.  2. We as viewers cannot render judgement on a show based on the pilot episode.  3. Sit back and enjoy the first few episodes; you never know if the show will be green lighted to move on to next season or be cancelled on the spot.

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