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Phoenix Entertainment and Development

Friday, March 1, 2013

March...What a year it's been.

Now this post will not be about writing.  Instead it will be a personal note; a momentary glimpse into my life.  With today being the first of March, I wanted to take some time to reflect on one of the best years in my life.  No this won't be some long rant or discussion recapping the whole year.

Instead I want to sit and talk about the most spontaneous day of my life that ended in perfection.  It started out on a bright and sunny Saturday morning.  I drove out to Queens to pick up a girl I had been seeing for a couple of weeks.  We had tickets to see the Dead Sea Scrolls at Discovery Times in New York City.  I was so nervous, because it had been a long time since I was down this road with someone and felt this strongly about any woman.  We took the train in.  My knees were popping up and down; causing my body to stumble around on the A train seats.  She laughed that I kept falling over with every turn.  My hands shook nervously as I grabbed her hand.  When I did, all the anxiousness died down and a smile crept over my face.

When we arrived at Discovery Times, we found our tour to be packed full of people.  We were one of the last in line from our group and was forced to wait behind others that meticulously examined every clay pot.  We stood there trying to do the same; thinking the other person found them of interest.  But my annoyance at the people in front of us increased and I grew impatient.  I asked her if she really cared about the pots and she replied no.  I took her hand and stormed away from the group and headed downstairs to what we really wanted to see; the Dead Sea Scrolls.

It was magnificent to see something from so long ago; still preserved and translated for our viewing pleassure.  We looked on and read the full translation of the Ten Commandments and other scriptures. 

After our tour concluded, we left the building but didn't want to go home.  We saw the Wax Museum on the next block over.  I had never been there before and always wanted to check it out.  We agreed to go.  The second figure we saw and took pictures with was King Kong.  I wanted to get a good laugh out of her and made it look like I was really being captured by his hand.  We continued this throughout the day and loved every moment of our day. 

Once we left, we got ourselves lost looking for Max Brenners and ate homemade cookies that she made for me prior to the day before finally settling on an Applebees. 

But it was the walk home from the train that I found most interesting.  The nervousness returned.  I knew the moment I worried about was coming closer.  Our hands were intwined together and I could feel the sweat starting to form.  I waited until we were a block away from her house before saying; I know this is going to sound like we're in high school, but will you be my girlfriend.  She agreed and the weight lifted off of my shoulders. 

Since that moment, I have had the best time of my life.  Each day, each moment I see her increases my happiness.  I have never met a woman that I cared so much for and love.  She has helped me see the beauty in artwork, helped me take a moment to stop and explore the city, and even helped me become more spontaneous.  We spent days going into the city for one thing and spending an entire day going off on our own and creating such a memorable time like we did when I asked her out. 

So for that I want to say thank you, I love you, and Happy Anniversary to the love of my life.

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