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Phoenix Entertainment and Development

Monday, February 11, 2013


Everyone has an opinion and I want to share mine on something I noticed this morning.  Now before I continue, please don't take this as me knocking someone for their writing ability or telling someone what they should or shouldn't write about.  This is my opinion as to how you can improve.

This morning I saw a post from a former friend's sister; ranking the characters of an old TV show that has been off the air for about six years.  I don't know if this was done for fun or if it was meant to be a serious topic to write about to get her foot in the door somewhere.  It could have been an interesting read, but unfortunately having a short paragraph about fifty-five characters loses it's entertainment value quickly. 

Now I know I'm not one to talk.  I go on rants from time to time and I'm sure people have their opinions that are good and bad about my writing.  I'm okay with that.  But here are a few recommendations I would like to add about writing based on these topics especially if you are looking to do something for professional work.

The first is to write about a TV show that is still on air.  It is something current and people can still watch.  It's not something that was popular once upon a time when you were still a teenager that most people have long forgotten about.  If you write about a current show, people will understand what you're saying and take it more seriously (If it's for fun, it's  a different story, but will only resonate with the true fans of that show). 

Secondly, I would not concentrate on talking about every character that was ever on the show.  It will become too much to talk about in one sitting and people will get bored very easily.  If anything, break it up into multiple posts where you take ten characters at a time and talk about them, their past on the show, and why you ranked them in that spot.

Finally, if you are looking to make it a more professional piece (especially if this is an older show that is no longer on the air, or one that still is), discuss how you feel the character should go.  Create your own future for the character on what you believe should happen, or create a plot arc for a series of characters.  There is a lot more creativity in doing this and can truly illustrate your writing ability.

Now again, I don't discredit the person I am referring to or anyone that chooses to put themselves out there.  These are merely my opinions based off of a topic I came across.  I hope this might eventually help that person or others that contemplate writing a topic such as this.

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