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Phoenix Entertainment and Development

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Knowledge is Power

I have been writing for years and still found something very amusing.  A lot of friends and co-workers always bought me gift cards for book stores, and then I tell them I'm not much of a reader.  They always reply, but you're a writer so you must read all the time.  To be honest I never really liked reading.  It always had to be something that catches my attention instantly or else I couldn't read it. 

About two years ago I started working with my brother and his wife.  A friend of ours told me reading was an important thing to do in life.  Without reading, you don't really grow as a person; especially if you are reading empowering books and not trashy magazines focused on following celebrities.  So I started to read a few books and two of my favorite books were the Mentor, and The Instant Millionaire.  Both dealt with working hard toward your goals and never giving up on yourself even in the worst circumstances.  If you push hard, you can reach whatever goals you set for yourself.

Now I know what some people wanted me to do with what I learned from those books, but I chose to apply it to my writing career instead.  I knew if I pushed myself and truly believed in me, I could start reaching my goals.  I am proud to say that I reached my first last year when I put out my first book Chamber of Souls.  This actually helped me in other aspects of my life.  I became closer with my family including both of my brothers, I pulled myself out of what appeared to be a dead end job and found a great opportunity with a company that has treated me wonderfully for the last year, and even found the love of my life. 

But as I sat in my brother's living room last night, we talked about how fast I caught up to him in regards to writing movie scripts.  He has been reading endless amounts of books on writing from people who have done the leg work in the past.  His writing has become better because of it and he has taught me everything he is learning.  So I decided if I can learn fast from him, why not start reading books on my own.  Share what I learn with those that can benefit from it; including him.  And who knows, maybe I'll put out a best seller sooner than I would have or sell a movie script faster, or help someone who is reading this do the same.

The point I'm trying to make with this post tonight, is do not give up on your writing, your dreams, or yourself.  You can achieve if you believe in yourself and do the work.  Push yourself and stay motivated.  And read something that's empowering; you never know what it might spark within you.

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