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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Book Review: Mafia Queen by Christina Escue

Christina Escue

About the Author:

Christina is a mother of two beautiful daughters and has been an avid reader since she was four years old. She always had a habit of picking out the errors in whatever she read and in July of 2013 she took that habit and turned it into an editing career. She thought that was her niche in the literature world, but she was wrong.

In July of 2014 she was at work and was bombarded by an idea that she couldn't shake. She is very tenacious and once an idea plants itself in her mind she cannot stop until she has followed through with it, that's how the Second Chance Series was born.

A New Beginning, A New Hope, A New Journey and Diane's Remembrance are all available now and she is working on the final book of the series, A New Perspective. She is also working on a novella for an anthology she is putting together with some of her friends. Both A New perspective and Starting Anew (the novella) are set to release in Apri

Mafia Queen


At the age of 25, Elisabeth Manning lost everything. Her parents had been killed, her sister had disappeared, and her fiancée had decided to trade her in for a different model. She thought her life was over. She was wrong.

Dakota Jackson had worked for Lis’ father for the past ten years and knew the in’s and out’s of the business better than everyone, but when his boss is murdered he finds himself in a situation he never thought possible.

Now, Lis is in charge of her father’s territory, but, for her own safety, no one can know. As Lis and Dakota search for her missing sister, they discover more than they bargained for, and have to make a choice. Present Lis as the new head of the territories and risk her life, or continue with the charade and let the territories fall into the hands of Mr. Manning’s biggest rival.


I was very intrigued by this story from the beginning. I enjoyed the characters and the overall plot of the book. There was a constant guessing game of who was on which side of the war and who was next to betray the Manning Family. The one thing I didn't like was how fast the story went. There was a lot of room to dive deeper into the plot and characters.

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