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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Book Review: Constructed Pleasure by Tanya Sands

                                         About the Author:

Tanya Sands is the pseudonym of a stay-at-home mom who, having written but not published short stories for years, finally took the leap and published her passion. When she’s not writing she’s raising her 2 young boys and 3 furbabies while her husband supports them all by driving all over the country as a long haul truck driver. She is the youngest of 6 and a proud vet of the US Air Force.

She was born on a military base in Hawaii and grew up in Upstate NY. Currently she and her family live in the Atlanta, GA area, but will be making Texas their forever home by summer of 2016.

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Constructed Pleasure:

Gerald ‘Pac’ Sutton owns his own construction/renovation company. Through his group of friends, he meets Syun Alvarez. His attraction is instant. He seems to be getting some celestial assistance in recognizing her as his future when hints from his past come to light.
Syun Alvarez has successfully run her landscaping business, Syun to Grow for years. She’s not actively looking for a relationship, but the moment she meets Pac it seems as if the stars are aligned. He is everything she could hope for in a man. When an issue with a relative comes up she hopes it won’t make him want to end things with her.
Find out how Pac’s past and present work to show Pac and Syun that their love was heaven made.
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Review: Rated 5 out of 5*****

Pac and Syun's story was very sweet, caring and romantic. It showed there is always the option to love after suffering a tremendous loss in life. I loved the story and was able to finish it rather quickly, mostly because I couldn't put it down. My only wish was that there was a few more bumps in the road for Pac and Syun, but still loved the book.

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