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Phoenix Entertainment and Development

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Update: The Phoenix Blade

Two years ago was the debut of not only my first novel, but also the launch of my dream. At the time, it was an eight and a half year journey reaching what I felt was the pinnacle of my life. There was much I needed to learn and needed to realize I had a long journey ahead. Hell, I still do. Getting the first book out was a great milestone. The Phoenix Blade Series has provided several milestones for me and has helped me connect with some amazing authors as well.

Project Justice

The Phoenix Blade: Project Justice
Author Andrew J. Hess
Cover by: Marilena Sausa
Published by Phoenix Entertainment and Development 2013


What would you do if everything you said and did was monitored and used to force you into working covertly for the government?
College student Andrew Lancaster has had enough of corrupt politicians and corporate greed, but his anger filled rants may have gone too far. When Lancaster is contacted by a government official calling himself “The Benefactor,” he learns his private communications have been monitored. And there will be consequences.
Lancaster is given a choice; join forces with the government he distrusts, or face a treason indictment. As an added incentive, he’ll receive the answer to a question that has plagued him since childhood-who killed his mother.
It is something Lancaster cannot live without knowing and enlists as an undercover operative in Project Justice. At first the mission seems ideally suited for his do-gooder attitude. But Lancaster soon discovers the tactics he’ll be using are not only dishonest; they’re deadly.
Lancaster learns he will be an assassin; eliminating targets the Benefactor and other high ranking officials deem to be evil.

The Phoenix Blade: Awakening
Author: Andrew J. Hess
Cover by: BK Walker
Published by: Phoenix Entertainment and Development (2014)

(The Phoenix Blade was voted the Best Series of 2014 by Indie Author Books)

This has been a blessed journey so far, and I am happy to share the next milestone with everyone. I am extremely happy to announce that the third installment of The Phoenix Blade Series, Pandemonium, will officially launch on June 30th. Please join me along with my incredible hosts Loving the Book Launch Party, and bloggers from all over the world as we debut the cover for Pandemonium on May 21st, our launch party June 29th, and the book tour June 30th-July 6th. You can join us from any of the links below.
Cover Reveal May 21st
Launch Party June 29th
Official Book Tour June 30th-July 6th
In the meantime, I would like to give you a sneak peak at Pandemonium and encourage you to check out the pre-order link below.

Pre Orders for Pandemonium:

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