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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Book Review: The Olympus Killer

The Olympus Killer: A Greek Island Mysteries Thriller

If this summer you are thinking of travelling to the majestic, sun kissed Greek Islands, think again. A sadistic killer is on the loose. 
Over the picturesque Greek Islands, bodies are piling up fast. Bodies tortured, mutilated and strangely connected to ancient Greek mythology. Hellenic Police Captain COSTA PAPACOSTA is called in to assist young, top of her year, foul mouth, food loving Cretan, Lieutenant IOLI CARA in solving their most complex case yet, while facing his own demons after the tragic loss of his daughter. 
The OLYMPUS KILLER, as the tabloids refer to him by, is a cunning, sadistic murderer with a haunting past. A past revealed to us through his mother’s story set in Dayton, USA. 
Will the two officers catch the murderer in time or will the Olympus Killer have his revenge? 
A model with arms brutally chopped off... 
Twins decapitated and their heads used to form a sun and a moon... 
Papacosta and Cara are always one step behind the killer all the way to the shocking end! 

Rating: 4 out of 5
I enjoyed the book quite a bit, but thought it was too easy to figure out who the killer was. However, the book had a lot of description which helped to paint the picture of the story and kept you involved by the use of great characters, learning about Greek culture and mythology as well as the usage of plot twists that kept you wanting more.

About the Author:
Luke Christodoulou is an English teacher (MA Applied Linguistics - University of Birmingham), a poet and an e-book author. He is also a coffee-movie-book lover.
His first book, 'The Olympus Killer' (Top 30 BESTSELLER - International Mystery and Crime), was released in April, 2014. The book was voted Book Of The Month for May on Goodreads (Psychological Thrillers). The book continued to be a fan favourite on Goodreads and was voted BOTM for June in the group Nothing Better Than Reading. He is currently working on the second and third book from his planned Greek Island Mysteries book series.
He resides in Limassol, Cyprus with his wife and daughter.
Hobbies include travelling the Greek Islands discovering new food and possible murder sites for his stories

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